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About Sonia Kong

Jesus is my passion. Empowering is my mission. Teaching is my calling. I love to teach and share what the Lord has given me to empower women all over the world.

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  1. Shabach In The Spirit Praise Dance Ministry!

    Clap your hands …stomp your feet…shout unto Zion…For The Lord is GREAT..and Greatly to be let EVERYTHING that has breath SHABACH THE LORD!

  2. Understanding that Worship is my lifestyle unto the Lord. My Love for who God is not because of what He does. My prayer unto God, my study of His word, my love unto my wife and kids. How i treat other people saved and unsaved. I was created to Worship!!! The outcome is His manefested presence flowing through this yielded vessel resulting in lives being saved, strongholds broken, deliverance coming forth all to the Glory of God!!!!!

  3. I am truly grateful for this website just to know that their are other Mime Ministries out their praising God in their own way.

  4. JTK Handz Of Praize Mime Ministry



  6. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I would like to introduce myself and my ministry to you. My name is
    Balla.Deniel. I was born into an agricultural labourer’s family.
    Agriculture only is our livelihood. In the year 1997 I accepted the
    Lord Jesus as my personal Savior and took water baptism. I did not get
    prosperity in my agriculture while was an unbeliever.1996 there was a
    great cyclone and all the paddy crop was spoiled. And it was a great
    loss. I took loans and the debts were many and even I sold our
    agricultural land and still I could not repay my debts. And hence I
    decided to take my life by suicide. I was so depressed and cried in
    the field regarding my life and the future of my family.

    But at a distance I was listening the megaphone sound of a preacher
    giving the word of God in a gospel meeting. Numbers 32:23 your sin
    will give away your life were the words of the preacher. None of your
    family members or others may not know but your sins will follow you
    into eternity. As I was listening those words over the loudspeaker I
    got myself thinking and the desire in the heart to live and do
    something about my sins was on mind constantly. At that time I called
    upon the Lord and asked His forgiveness and the peace of the Lord came
    into my heart. I obeyed his voice and got saved from my sins. God
    helped me to set my life right in His sight and all my troubles
    gradually got solved.

    In the year 2002 in the month of March God called me to do His
    ministry. I live in Rajahamundry. But the Lord showed me a village
    near Samalkot and inspired me to go there and do the ministry. I
    obeyed His word and call and thus I came to this village called
    Vetlapalem and started the ministry on the veranda of a small house.
    God blessed the ministry over the period of nine years and hundreds of
    souls were saved in the ministry.

    My wife Shantha Kumari and I were blessed with two daughters and a
    son. Their names are: Mary Pushpalatha, then Deevenakumari and my
    son’s name is Paradise Paul. We dedicated our children also to the
    ministry of God.

    My future vision for the ministry is to conduct gospel campaigns for
    the Lord. And to do more able ministry among the youth. To construct
    churches where there is no place of worship for the people. Also at
    the same time we would like to help the needy and widow women of the
    poor society.

    I request you to kindly pray for us and for the ministry as it is now
    and as the Lord would develop it in His way in future.

    May the Lord richly bless you to help us in this great task of His
    Kingdom as we want to honour and glorify the Lord alone in it all.

    Thank you very much for all your cooperation and prayers and valuable support.

    Yours Sincerely in the work of the Lord,

    PASTOR.Balla. Deniel.




  7. Raleigh, NC
    Expressions in Rhythm Studio
    Conga Drumming, African, Ballet, Creative Movement, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Liturgical, Tap/Ballet Combination, and Tap Dance
    Phone: 919-609-0090

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