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SAP Your Technique!

Praise dancing for many years taught me…well, more like forced me to be creative. I mean, how many times can one recycle an expressive movement in their dance? Since I did not have the opportunity or time to learn different forms of secular dance (not implying that this is necessary, but it can be helpful), I was forced to adopt what I call SAP into my discipline.

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Be QUIET and SOTP it already!

thLet’s face it! Children are loud, emotional, energetic, goofy and curious. I get that, but how can we calm them down to teach them?

One thing that I am learning is to allow them to participate in the process. When I first started in Youth Ministry, there was a lot of yelling, over talking, and frustration. Not the kids mind you, but me. I would yell at them, over them, to them; just yell in every which way possible to exert authority over them.

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