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Killing The Ministry From Within

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Praise Dance Teaching/Bible Study – Be unified and speak the same thing. 



Join us for Praise Dance Talk!

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Mime Ministry Tips

Mime Ministry Tips From PDCM 

Tip 1. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Tip 2. Worship! This is an important aspect of mime as it is in any aspect of the Christian life style. When we worship God and meditate on his message and purpose for the transformation of our souls and encouragement in the faith, choreography itself become clearer as we receive instructions directly from God as to how we should approach a particular movement.

Tip 3. Worship is more important than technique. When we worship, God can teach us all of the technique that we need to know, he can teach us through one day’s worship experience what it may take students years to learn at a Ministry training school or University. Technique however is important because the combination of it with the truth that is in us can relay a powerful message. Read the rest of this entry

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