Lesson # 5 – Biblical Significance of Colors

December 16,2008

This post is a response to a very good question about the Biblical significance of colors. When looking for the Biblical significance of colors the worst thing that we can do is over spiritualize it. There are some colors that the Bible describes which have a specific significance, but it is important to understand that all colors represent the glory of God.

Mostly all of the colors that I teach my team and use in ministry are from the earth and the mood or feeling that we naturally get from these colors. God created the earth and every color therein reflects His glory. For example:

Green  – Growth, life (Gen. 1:30)

Gold    -Divinity, kingship

Silver   -Redemption (Gen. 23:15)

Red     -Blood

White  -Purity

Blue     -Heavenly (reminds us of where God is and how large He is Ex 24:10), Hope; Healing (think of hospitals); Grace; Freedom; Holiness Num. 15:38-41

Purple, blue, red, gold, silver, brass =royalty  (Ex. 25:2-8)

Combination colors :

Covenant – Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple (all the colors of the rainbow) Genesis 9:16

Tabernacle  -Gold, Bronze, Purple, White, Scarlet, Blue, Silver Exodus 25:1-8, 28:5-12

Warfare Black – Gold, Red (these are the colors that are usually exemplified in war)

There may be more, but these colors and meanings are not set in stone but in my opinion give a more vivid description of what is described in Scripture.

Naturally when we see or think about colors they kind of have their own personality – even though colors are not people, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say. For instance black depicts death, judgment, mourning, evil and etc. We know that gold is always associated with royalty. Colors like orange, amber (Ezek 8:2), gold, yellow and all of the beautiful colors are associated with the element of fire.

Another example is yellow. The sun is yellow and naturally when the sun is out we are happier (opposed to a dull, dark and raining day) therefore yellow can represent joy, happiness, and enlightenment. Silver can mean redemption. We have coins that are silver and we use them to redeem or purchase goods. A Biblical example of that is in Gen 23:15. They used coins of silver to purchase things and so do we. The key and important factor here is not to over spiritualize things. White naturally depicts purity, cleanliness, peace, serenity. Another example that I want to give you is the process of refining gold. Gold is refined by fire. Refining is a practice that must be done precisely and methodically to ensure the full recovery of gold, as well as an end product that is free of impurities, which can lead to quality problems. Spiritually we can say that God refines His children with trials and temptations (James 1:2) so that we can come out as pure gold, without blemish and pure.

There are no Scriptures in the Bible that says, this color means this, but there are many examples of why certain materials were used and what colors were used (like in the tabernacle) that we can extrapolate meaning from. So my sister it is as simple as that. While it is good to have biblical examples, God has given us clear and evident examples already in nature and in the natural things that we do. So when someone asks you what a color means in addition to giving them specific scriptures like the few…and there are only but a few as stated above, take them to God’s creation. Show them the evident beauty and self explanatory meaning of colors that are already set and defined before them. I hope this helps.


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  1. My dear sister. Thank you so much for praying, studing and sharing with the Body of Christ this exellent teaching on colors. I just posted on my blog Mon. 12/15 about colors.
    I think my readers could receive much from your post also.
    God bless,

  2. What does red and orange mean?

  3. praisedancecentralministries

    Red can mean many things: it represents blood (blood is red) and we can use it in our props to describe redemption, salvation, atonement, war, sacrifice, courage. It is also a color of warning. Stop signs, sirens and things of that sort red.

    Orange can mean danger or warning just like when driving, if there is a construction zone up ahead the workers usually wear orange or there are orange barricades and signs. This color to my knowledge is not in the bible, but the element of fire has many colors including orange so when using props it can be used to describe fire, wrath, and the spiritual significance of it (fire of God, tongues like as of fire).

    When thinking about colors and what to use in ministry it is best IMO not to try to get a spiritual meaning out of it if scripture does not support it. Some colors have obvious meanings and scripture does describe or give them like gold, purple and etc. and what they were used for, but the meaning of colors that are not in the bible (like orange, pink) should be taken from nature and everyday use. Again the key is not to over spiritualize it because that makes it complicated. Just to give you and anyone who would read this an example of how to use colors… we did a dance where we wanted to encourage the saints about how God uses His Word to wash us. We used red, white and pink (tie die garments). One person had a red garment and as God washed with his word the other team members had various shades of red/pink – pink being faded out until it turned white (one team member had on a pink garment and another white. Each team member represented one person and the different stages of spiritual growth. So pink represented the process of the saints being cleansed by His Word. I hope this helps. Be blessed.

  4. What does the color pink mean? Charlotte

  5. praisedancecentralministries

    Some colors have obvious meanings and scripture does describe or give them like gold, purple and etc. and what they were used for, but the meaning of colors that are not in the bible (like orange, pink) should be taken from nature and everyday use. We can use it to describe our sins being washed and cleansed by His blood. Why? Because naturally when water hits blood it turns pink until the pink is completely diluted turning white. Again there is no biblical/spiritual basis for the meaning of this color given in scripture that is why I gave an example of what naturally happens to blood when water dilutes it. I hope this helps.

  6. I want to thank you for the simplicity on the teaching of colors. I’m dancing to a song “The Anthem” by William Murphy. What color garment should I wear?

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