Lesson # 7 – Be Spiritual – The Dance Of Healing

Peace and blessings Dance Ministers!

E.E.P Be Encouraged, Empowered and Positioned for God to use you mightily!

Our dance has the power to heal broken, sad, discouraged and hopeless hearts. Our dance has the power to also heal people physically, not the dance itself, but the power of God working through us as we dance.

Will God work through just anybody? No. Be Encouraged, Empowered and Positioned for God to use you mightily!

God is a God of order and standard

“Paul gave a description of the kind of person that God will manifest such a work in. He said if there is any sick among you; let him call for the Elders and let them anoint with oil (Jam. 5:14) because their prayers are the conduit for healing. Elders have a certain posture that meets God’s standards for use in a particular way for a particular miracle…”

We have to be positioned – Be spiritual

“…being positioned spiritually to be used by God particularly is His order and standard. Paul testifies to this by teaching the Church to never appoint a new convert to positions of leadership (1Tim. 3:6).”

“New converts, babes and the carnal must be careful of taking on spiritual tasks they are not spiritually ready for. Why? Because of the danger of it all going to their head, which seats them in their flesh. New converts, babes and even the carnal are more susceptible to the condemnation of the devil (1Tim. 3:6) For this reason the Bible teaches us that God does not simply use anybody for certain spiritual tasks (Gal. 6:1).”

“God can use who He wants and He can do what He wants, but it must be within confines of Scripture. He is not a liar (Num. 23:19).Saints position yourselves in the Spirit so that God can use you mightily to bring healing by His Spirit through your dance.”

*all quotations are excerpts from the Dance Ministry handbook “The Purpose Of It All”


About Sonia Kong

Jesus is my passion. Empowering is my mission. Teaching is my calling. I love to teach and share what the Lord has given me to empower women all over the world.

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