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Updated on August 4, 2012

Originally Posted Jan. 7, 2008

Is Mime Ministry Biblical? (Pantomime) Re-examining Artistic Ministry

The more we desire to be holy and study the Word, the more God reveals.

I have removed the original post because of my own convictions about mime ministry. Not all of it is wrong, but some of it is not right according to the principles of Scripture…to be clear I am not talking about Mime as a form of praise. I am addressing the issues a commenter made about the presentation of some Mime ministries. The same holds true for Dance Ministry as well. For example, some Dance Ministries have not been taught the proper way to dress so that they can avoid being a distraction and detraction from their purpose.

Why was I convicted? This is why:

This is a comment that I made in 2009 in response to a question someone asked. It is also available for you to read here in this post.

Before I discuss the comment, I want to say that there is a lack of teaching and understanding in some of our ministries. Most of us who mime really don’t know why we paint our faces for example. We may do it because it is the way it has always been done (on TV, clowns, other mimes who may or may not serve the Lord). If we have a lack of teaching and understanding, we may find ourselves going forth in ministry following the crowd. This is why I am re-examining my ministry. I humbly admit regarding some aspects of my ministry that I was simply following the crowd and not the Word. In some areas of my ministry I did not know what I was doing and why I was doing it. I just knew that it was how it was “supposed” to be done. I did not know why I believed what I believed about Dance Ministry for example. I did not study for myself. I took what someone wrote in a book or felt in their spirit as “law.” So I got a little weird. I began attributing power and authority to things like colors and inanimate objects I used in worship as an extension of my body and an enhancement of my praise expression to God. I believed as I waved my flag I did damage in the devils kingdom because I was engaging in spiritual warfare. I viewed my flag as something powerful, my dance as something…powerful. This is wrong. Scripture teaches us that as believers we are supposed to be prepared to able to give an answer to everyone who asks about our Christian hope or in this case why we do what we do unto God (1Peter 3:15).

In re-examining our ministries we have to know what we are doing and why. Below is a comment I made answering a question someone asked that caused me to study and prepare myself to give an answer to everyone who asks me why I praise God in the dance, wear the garments I wear, mime, use flags and so forth.

Comment by: praisedancecentralministries made on : August 10, 2009 at 2:32 am

“I really don’t know the meaning of why some paint their faces in the church that way. I believe and I hope many who use the art of mime in the church are painting their faces to reveal their exaggerated facial expressions since they are communicating with their bodies. That should be the primary reason their faces are painted. Unfortunately many don’t agree with this type of artistry in the church because they think this art has evil roots. Pantomimes or the panto originated in early Greece. Mime means imitator. It was simply a dance of bodily movements and facial gestures preformed by actors. It was considered as speaking theater. Some mimes performed dances and plays in honor of the god of theater, Dionysus in Athens. Others used it to make fun of the God’s. While yet others simply used it to portray everyday life situations and comedy. Mimes were used in Greek religious ceremonies and banquets also. Some used masks some didn’t. One of the first recorded pantomime actors  known at that time was a Greek named Telestes. Anyway, later when the Romans adopted pantomime, homosexual men and bisexual women would paint their face or use masks so you could not tell who’s who. Performers used mime for all kinds of different plays and entertainment. Many actors, especially in Rome, used mime to put on lascivious plays. When Roman mimes performed at private banquets and courts all over Europe they honored the fertility goddesses and naked mime actresses would perform (just a little info for you to know).”  Comment ended

Basically, this comment was addressing why some shun mime. They shun it because of the history. However, we can say that about dance as well, especially today. Should we shun dance because stripping in the strip club is popular? Not all who used mime back then did it to promote evil. Just like all who danced did not do it to promote evil. All things were created by God and for God. The devil cannot create anything, only pervert that which has been created.

This is my response to another comment relating to some concerns with the presentation of Mime in the church: Comment to Miss. V (in 2012)

“However there are some concerns that were voiced about makeup (some just look down right scary), garments (too tight, spandex tights with booty shorts on top attached with suspenders on top of a tight fitting shirt) and the look of the art presented to the saints which is understandable. This is why I put in the post some is not right according to scripture or how the scriptures teach we should represent Christ and I am in the process of studying as we all should be about certain things (that I see in ministry and will soon share). I agree with everything you have expressed. In re-examining ministry (not just mime, but dance as well. There are a LOT of misconceptions, teachings and beliefs about dance ministry that are not according to scripture) we have to know what we are doing and why. That is why I said in the post, “In addition we have to teach what distinguishes us from how the world does it and why they do it. I believe this will clear up a lot of confusion and rejection some people in the body of Christ has against dance, mime, and other expressive art forms.” Comment ended

This comment was based on some concerns that Miss. V saw and was saddened by because it did not represent Christ. It looked more like the world. There was no separation.

Like any art form people use it to glorify certain things. Some perverted it, others don’t.
There is nothing wrong with expressing praise and adoration to God through movement, but we do have to step back and look at our presentation if we cannot explain it in view of the Word. We don’t want our presentation to be associated with evil or cause someone to stumble (1Cor. 8:9).

Fellow Ministers…some of  our brethren are stumbling because of us! Many of you have written me about the presentation of Mime Ministry and Dance Ministry and this is the main concern that some saints have as well. In presentation – I am talking about makeup, style, costuming and etc. Yes I do see some of the styles and costuming and some of it is questionable that is why I am re-examining – not just mime ministry, but all artistic ministry so that I can be right in the eyes of the Lord and I suggest you do the same.

Here are some hard questions I had to ask myself and I ask you the same today…
One of the questions I want to ask is have we lost our focus in our liberty in Christ?.

Scripture commanded us to be separate from the world and to have no friendship with them (1Peter 2:11, 2 Cor. 6:17, James 4:4). No matter how much we like something (style, sound, presentation or the type of garments we choose to wear) we have to be honest with ourselves if we want to be in the light as He is in the light.

One question I leave with you as you conduct your own study to see what the Word says about adopting anything as a form of worship and praise unto the Lord and how it is presented is this: Is that style/look/concept/idea/action/terminology popular and embraced by the world? When watching and listening to our artistic expression is there a difference?

To give you an example, take dance. In adopting ballet, jazz or lyrical forms of dance, as  praise dancers we should not wear tight, low cut, short or revealing garments. We should not move our hips in a way that promotes sensuality. We make sure we are totally covered and our movements are honoring God and not our bodies. I am sure many of you saw the youtube video “Sexy Praise Dance.” Those girls took the world (style, their way) and brought it into the church. It was totally inappropriate. The dance was nice but the garments were a poor choice. (this paragraph was added in May 2014 because it is an excellent example of what the heart of this post is about)

This is what the heart of this post is about – re-examining how we express ourselves. Is there a difference!

  • Where are we getting our inspiration from?
  • Is our presentation like what we see on the latest BET video?
  • Can the world look at it and say, “that belongs to us.”

How we express ourselves before the Lord and God’s people should follow the same pattern of holiness that we should adhere to when we dress ourselves in the morning. For example, as a women, I will not put on garments so tight that it reveals or show the outline of certain body parts. My shirt will not be so tight and low cut that my breasts are showing. My earrings will not be so large in size that it covers the whole side of my face. This look is not modest and becoming of a saint. Sadly in our ministries, especially ministries predominately represented by youth, this is what we are seeing. This is why most of us are concerned and this is why we have to re-examine some things. It first starts with a firm foundation, teaching and standards.

My question to anyone reading this post: (all things mime or dance aside, this is just a general question. I believe if we keep this perspective in mind regarding anything creative, we will be able to stay within the confines of biblical boundaries.)

Is it holy and right according to the Word to take what originated in the world for evil/sinful purposes to flip it, put a Christian flare on it, and then offer it up to God? To make it clear Mime was not originally evil. A lot of actors adopted it and used it for their lascivious purposes.

Just a question…what do you think? I would love to receive input on this.

FYI: The original post is below. I did not write it (I only wrote the section on Mime Ministry Tips). I simply copied it from another ministry site a long, long time ago. Some of it is true and some of it does not tell the whole truth. We have to keep this art form in proper perspective. Again, I am not saying it is wrong.

This is why I don’t believe mime/interpretive movement or dance is wrong: The world is not the only one who knows how to use their bodies in an interpretive manner. We can do that as well, but in accordance to God’s holy standards (motive, purity). This is why it is important that anyone in this kind of ministry be taught (based on Scripture) why we do what we do. In addition we have to teach what distinguishes us from how the world does it or why they do it. If we re-examine our ministries and do so, then it would not matter if mime for example was used centuries ago for the purposes explained above. If that is the case – and if it does matter – we can say that we all should stop singing because those who partake in witchcraft use the art of singing (this may not be the greatest example, but I hope you get my drift).

Just to give you an example of doing what we do with holy standards and making sure it is done in purity – I remember when I taught my youth Sunday School class an end of the year routine to expressively and artistically interpret a couple of Scriptures. I knew nothing about Pantomime and why they painted their faces white. I really didn’t care either. I liked the idea of painting the face because it reveals facial expressions better and allows for people far away to see it better. The same with the white gloves. This is the reason why I adopted the face paint and gloves. My motivations and intentions were pure and based on love. When mime came about in the Greek culture (I should say became popular because there is nothing new under the sun -Eccl 1:9), or acting without words, many adopted it to simply portray a story through movement and no sound. Others took it, like the Romans and perverted it – adopting the art form to lift up whatever was popular in their culture.

When we re-examine what we do, how we do it, and why we do it with love, purity and teaching – then it will help us answer the question of it being biblical or not. I believe this will help clear up a lot of confusion and rejection some  people in the body of Christ has against dance, mime, and other expressive art forms. There is nothing new under the sun (Eccl. 1:9)  and God created all things for Himself (Col. 1:16). Again, I am not saying that the art form is wrong. I am saying that we should  not adopt certain styles of makeup (some of it does look spooky), costuming, and the like. If the costuming is vital in the message, then it is warranted. But if we want to tell of God’s love and part of our face is black and the other red and striped with white, then it hinders the message. It may look cool, but it takes away from the message. People will be focused on the makeup, not the movement. Many of you wrote and gave examples of what some mimes looked like and many of you said they were scary looking, looked like circus clowns and so on.  Remember, expressing ourselves by telling a story or proclaiming a message through movement without words is not sinful. It is simply just  a form of human expression and we are all at liberty to use it.

Here is more of the comment made to Miss V made on our wordpress blog.

“Hello Ms. V, I really don’t know who you are addressing this comment to, but I would like to answer you. Yes there are a lot of comments on this blog that disagree with mime because of some of the history associated with it and how it is presented. I do not hold the same views. As I said in one of my comments, “Unfortunately some believe mime has evil roots…” and I have given some of the history about mime that some believe. From the tone of your comment, I see that you are upset or disappointed (is a better word) about what some believe. People are going to criticize anything good or evil. Like I said in the post, mime is not wrong. It is a form of expression through movement just like dance is. However there are some concerns that were voiced about makeup (some just look down right scary), garments (too tight, spandex tights with booty shorts on top attached with suspenders on top of a tight fitting shirt) and the look of the art presented to the saints which is understandable. This is why I put in the post some is not right according to scripture or how the scriptures teach we should represent Christ and I am in the process of studying as we all should be about certain things (that I see in ministry and will soon share). I agree with everything you have expressed. In re-examining ministry (not just mime, but dance as well. There are a LOT of misconceptions, teachings and beliefs about dance ministry that are not according to scripture) we have to know what we are doing and why. That is why I said in the post, “In addition we have to teach what distinguishes us from how the world does it and why they do it. I believe this will clear up a lot of confusion and rejection some people in the body of Christ has against dance, mime, and other expressive art forms.” Comment ended

Let me know what you think…Also to help other ministries and give advice, tell us:

How do you teach your ministry mime or dance according to the Word and separate from the world?

Why do you wear the garments you wear? What do you wear?

Why do you paint your faces? Why don’t you paint your face?

Why do you move the way you move?

Why did you adopt that style? (there are different mime styles so to speak – some are sign language based, some are dance based, some are dance and interpretive/or expressive mixed together, some strictly interpretive and expressive, some is based on acting, and some contain all of these elements such as the mime ministry of K&K Mime)

Please let your comments be based on scripture, not opinion or experiences (this is partly the reason for some of the confusion and rejection of art forms being expressed in the church). People don’t really care about what we personally have experienced or believe. They want to know what Scripture teaches…and they are exactly right because God’s Word always has the final authority.

God bless you.

Here is the original post about Mime Ministry that I took down. I took it down because I was convicted. I did not really study and search out the info. I simply copied from someone else…

What is Mime Ministry?

By Praise In Motion

Mime ministry involves drastic movements, facial expressions, and hand signs to depict God’s Word, God’s will, life’s struggles and accomplishments.

The responsibility of every mime is to bring the word of God to life with great intensity and divine excellence!

The Origins and Development of Mime and Mime Ministry

The language of gestures was born with man and is reborn every day as part of his need to express himself. Before the human voice developed, gestures served not only to communicate but to aid in the development of vocal sounds. Later they were incorporated in the first forms of written language of, for example, the Egyptians, the Aztecs, and in the pictographic writings of the Hebrews. Gestures and expressive movement were also utilized in ancient religious dances and ceremonies. And from the ancient ceremonies in China, Japan, India, and Egypt emerged the actor, who was at once a dancer, singer, and mime.

The following article was excerpted by Annette Lust from her book, From the Greek Mimes to Marcel Marceau and Beyond: Mimes, Actors, Pierrots and Clowns: A Chronicle of the Many Visages of Mime in the Theatre

The Word and Mime

In the Old Testament, Ezekiel was a prophet that was called to announce God’s judgment on Israel, and other nations, and to proclaim restoration for God’s people. His preaching was not well received by the Jews who were with him in captivity, Chapter 3, so God gave Ezekiel many methods, illustrations and demonstrations to help get the message across to the Jews, Chapter 4,5. Ezekiel acted out most of the methods, and did illustrations for Israel. Israel later became restored again and God renewed the Temple and a New Jerusalem, Chapter 40.

Ministering Mime is interpreting gospel music, using illustrations and non-verbal methods to allow the congregation to understand what you are doing, just like Ezekiel demonstrated in the Old Testament.

For more information about the origins of mime ministry or about Praise In Motion Mime Ministry click here.

Mime Ministry Tips From PDCM {This is the part I wrote and I still believe that these tips are very helpful and necessary ☺}

Tip 1. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Tip 2. Worship! This is an important aspect of mime as it is in any aspect of the Christian life style. When we worship God and meditate on his message and purpose for the transformation of our souls and encouragement in the faith, choreography itself become clearer as we receive instructions directly from God as to how we should approach a particular movement.

Tip 3. Worship is more important than technique. When we worship, God can teach us all of the technique that we need to know, he can teach us through one day’s worship experience what it may take students years to learn at a Ministry training school or University. Technique however is important because the combination of it with the truth that is in us can relay a powerful message.

Tip 4. Beginners in mime ministry should learn to use actions outside of their regular zone of comfort (our regular expressions).

Tip 5. To be a good mime minister, you must learn to surpass limited movement and exaggerate your actions to communicate effectively the same way a singer or actor projects their voice to the audience at the back of the auditorium.

Tip 6. Get it together! Get your mime ministry together and work as a team. Remember that there are no “BIG I’s and little u’s”. We all make up a team for one purpose and that is to edify the people of God by glorifying God. If you mime solo get your thoughts together and allow yourself to flow through the Holy Spirit.

Tip 7. God created you uniquely to be you and not like anybody else. As long as you are trying to be like someone else you will never grow into who God made you to be ..the best you will ever be then is number two!

Applying and Removing Mime Makeup



Make sure you shave before you put on your makeup! If you forget you’ll probably only forget once. It’s a nightmare trying to outline your face with stubble in the way.


If you have long hair: Put your hair back! (and always pull your hair up or back while ministering. Hair flying all over the place is a distraction to you and to those to whom you are ministering to).

Makeup Tip

Go slowly. It’s hard to fix mistakes afterwards. Leave yourself (more than) enough time to put on your face. Even after you have put on your face many times you will still want to leave yourself about 30 minutes.

Putting on Your Makeup

  1. White base

You can get cake (water based) vs. Clown white (grease based) makeup. Cake may appear streakier than grease makeup. Some cake makeups (Ben Nye or Mehron) are simply pressed powder while others (Kryolan) are glycerin based. Clown white (Kryolan, Mehron) provides a heavy grease base and has talc powder that makes it go on thick. You can also get waterproof clown white (Kryolan). Applying skin moisturizer (not cold cream which is just more grease on your face) before beginning to apply clown white will help the grease makeup to spread easier.

A suggestion is to outline your face (shape) in white and then starting from your nose out to the perimeter. If you choose to have anything than an oval face one suggestion is to put perimeter ‘dots’ on your face and then to ‘connect the dots’ with lines before filling in your face. You can do all of this using your fingers, a pencil (see below) or a brush.

Don’t go too wide with the outline of your face; otherwise it’s very difficult to outline your face with black by yourself. On the other hand you can choose to not have an outline and fill your whole face and have the makeup go right up to your hair.

It is much easier to put the markings over cake makeup than (un powdered) grease makeup. Powdering grease makeup is recommended before putting on black, red or any other markings.

When applying the white base around your mouth it is better to accidentally get some white on your lips than to not go all the way up to your lips. You can always wipe it off.

  1. Powder

Once again, not all mimes powder and for those who do there may be times when they decide to not powder.

For the white it is best to use a super white powder (Ben Nye). A cheaper but not as good alternative is (Johnson’s) baby powder.

Shake off any excess powder after putting powder on a puff or brush and before touching your face. You can do this by flicking the back of the puff or the end of the brush with your finger(s). If you put too much powder on your makeup will crack.

Powder your face lightly. If you’re wearing grease based makeup you will know that you have powdered enough when your face doesn’t feel ‘sticky’.

  1. Markings (Black and Red)

For the black you can use either a paint, pencil or liquid eyeliner. Paints (Kryolan, Mehron) are simply applied with a paint brush. You can get thin or thick grease pencils (Mehron). If you are trying to keep the grease makeup away from your eyes you can use a charcoal pencil (Mehron) for right around your eyes. Charcoal pencils are not recommended for use elsewhere on your face – grease pencils are best. There are also cream based pencils (Ben Nye). Liquid eyeliner (Kryolan, Mehron) is easier to apply over a white grease base than a pencil but it can also run. Pencils tend not to run. Most in mime ministry don’t use eye or lip makeup.

Removing Makeup

  1. For cake (water based makeup) soap and water will work just fine.
  1. For clown white (grease based makeup) you can simply use Pond’s Cold Cream. You can also purchase makeup remover lotion that is mineral based (Mehron). This type is good for removing makeup around the eyes. You can also get makeup oil (Kryolan, Mehron) (that looks like Vaseline) As a last resort you can use (Johnson’s) baby oil or Crisco oil.
  1. You can use cotton balls to get makeup off from around the eyes. You can buy cotton squares. Tissues and Q-tips are also good.
  1. After you have removed greased based makeup it is best to have an alcohol based stringent handy (Sea Breeze).

More about Mime http://www.mime.info/history-lust.html http://www.dramaonlinelibrary.com/genres/mime-iid-2489


  1. Demetrius Hill

    Can you give me the meaning behind half face paint when mime. Say for instant if we are mime and a person has on half face paint and everybody have there whole face painted can you shine some light on that for me.

  2. praisedancecentralministries

    I really don’t know the meaning of why some paint their faces in the church that way. I believe and I hope many who use the art of mime in the church are painting their faces to reveal their exaggerated facial expressions since they are communicating with their bodies. That should be the primary reason their faces are painted.

    Unfortunately many don’t agree with this type of artistry in the church because this art has evil roots. Pantomimes or the panto originated in early Greece. It was a dance of bodily movements; facial gestures preformed by actors held at festivals in honor of the god of theater, Dionysus in Athens. Mimes were used in Greek religious ceremonies and banquets also. The first pantomime actor that is known was Telestes in Greece.

    When the Romans adopted pantomime, homosexual men and bisexual women would paint their face white so you could not tell who’s who. When Roman mimes performed at private banquets and courts all over Europe they honored the fertility goddesses and naked mime actresses would perform (just a little info for you to know).

    • Thank you for that info. I just working with some preteens in our church I am not a dance teacher, but I don’t want to bring ungodly practices in the Body of Christ. Thanks again. I researched the web, but I did not find anything they gave highlights of what they wanted to sell you. We just can’t bring anything in God’s house

      • It is refreshing to know that there are those who are still taking a stand and not being tossed to and fro…. I am also sure that of those who are both for and against the practice of mime, approximately 0% has taken at least 1 hour of prayer to ask God if He accepts this practice as legitimate worship. What is important is not that we do what we feel, but we do what God requires.

    • Half face is used if you’re playing two roles,lets say for example spirit and flesh.I do it if i solo but within a group you can have someone else represent another role.

  3. Thank you so much for this information. I kept doing google searches until I came upon this site. All that talk about mime “ministry” above is rift raft to me…I was looking for some evidence. Well, thanks to you, I found it. I am still waiting for my sister to get TTBHHV dvd by ExMinistries because Min. G. Craige Lewis allowed God to use him to deliver a messages every believer in Christ needs to hear in this last day. A commenter on the site mentioned miming and how we don’t research things. That immediately reminded me that I had to do research on this. Just last Sunday, there was a mime dancer dude at the pastor and first lady anniversary service where I attend church. I never thought about researching miming until an older lady asked me and my sister what it meant or stood for. She clearly wasn’t interested and left out. At that moment, my sister and I said, “We gotta do some rasearch on it.” I thank God for the commenter on ExMinistries’ site and you. TRUTH:JESUS:LOVE

  4. One of my divine purposes over the past 14 years has served the body of Christ as a Minister of Movements. Studying Greek and Hebrew history helped me to understand and somewhat categorize the types of anointings which the Holy Spirit releases. In Greek, the word Kirkur means to twist the hands and feet. These are movement gestures for interpretations and demonstrations. However, there is absoultely no place in the Bible that instructs us to cover our face. Rather, in the 27th Psalm verse 9, David pleads with God not to hide his face. The intent being, why would we cover our face before God, or his people appointed to us to witness the gospel of Jesus Christ if we do not want God to turn his face from us. I therefore encourage each movement Minister to study the Scriptures to prlove yourself worthy to minister before God’s people. Never stand on shakey grounds ..Unless the Lord build a house they labor in vain. Know that what you you are doing is pleasing and acceptable according to God’s Word. ” In Him We Move” (Acts 17:22-30) Elder Tabia


  5. Shannon J.C. Carter

    This information really helped me with my miming techniques. I am a new comer in ministering through mime and I really appreciate the time that was taken out to write these tips. Thank you for sharing what you know.



    • Well said Mimer..i mime also and love to paint my face..im not hideing from God…my goal is to reach out to the heart of man and let them know that there is a God who loves them..sometime action speak louder then words to those who dont know God! Lets take what was bad years ago to present time and turn it it to good and positive …thaqts why we have so many youths lost to this world because everthing is bad dance team, mime team, etc….

    • The word of God says don’t add to my word and don’t take anything away from it i see no where in the word where God tell us to mime i’m sorry there is no way you can tear the dance ministry apart because there are more than just a few scriptures that states dancing before the Lord and thats scripture!!!! Mime is not a ministry its of the world….its just another thing that people are taking out the world and trying to make Godly just like hip hop and r&b and gospel rap no such thing its not of God and it will never be to the glory of him but only to the glory of man who tries to change the Gospel of Jesus Christ if you love the Lord no one has to change his word to get you to be interested i’m young and it didn’t take mime gospel rap or any of that foolishness to get me to turn my life over to him it but it took his word and the truth to turn my life around we need to stop playing church and stop trying to be the world and be the church!!!

      • Hello Amber,

        I am sorry that this blog has angered you. However a couple of things:

        First no one is adding or taking away from the Word of God. Just because there is no mention of the word mime in the bible does not mean that it is wrong. There are a lot of things that we do daily that are not mentioned in the bible, yet it does not make it wrong. Sometimes as humans, we like to project on to others our opinions and views and that is wrong. The bible teaches us that God has created everything and everything that was made was made by Him and he created it for Himself (Rev. 4:11; Col. 1:16; John 1:3). Everything He created also means everything He created inside of us (our talents and abilities). We are created in His image and what is inside of us, He put it there. It is up to us whether or not we use it for His glory. Since sin entered humanity all of what He has created inside of us, our talents and abilities became perverted and this is why those who are not in Christ use their talents (which came from God) to glorify sin and evil.

        You mentioned hip hop. It is okay not to like something, but Hip Hop is simply a style of music and dance. Just like Jazz, Country music, Gospel Music and other genres of music. The style of music and dance does not make it evil. What makes it evil and unholy is the message. Jesus teaches us in Matt. 15:18-19 that we are defiled by what comes out of us. What makes any action evil is our intent. What is the intent behind what is being done? Only God and the person doing it know this (Ps. 44:21). This is what God is concerned with. We can spin on our head and breakdance all day, but what God is mostly concerned with is the motive and intent behind it.

        The art of Hip Hop for example is not wrong, Country music, Jazz and Ballet is not wrong. Rap is not wrong. Rapping is an art and everyone cannot do it. How awesome is God to have put that talent into the children of men! To use words in such a way to make someone think, grasp concepts, understand, and reexamine issues and situations. Rapping is a skill. It is poetry put to music. God gives this and other gifts and talent. Not the devil. No one will dare say Maya Angelou’s poetry did not enlighten, encourage and contribute something to society. Why? Because of what came out of her was positive and truthful. Art, poetry, dance, styles of music such as Rapping is not sinful. Again what makes these wonderful art forms sinful is the intent, motive and message behind it. What it all comes down to is a sin issue. Every sinful action is backed by sinful intent (James 1:14-15) and intentions bring forth fruit of some kind. This is how you test what is of God and what is not. It is the fruit (Matt. 7:16). The bible is silent on many things. Yet there is an answer and a test for all things.

        So according to you, Mime is not a ministry. This is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I am not responding to try to change your mind, but to show you that our opinions do not trump the Word of God and the wisdom. Miming is ministry if it is being used to serve or help someone else. Sometimes we like to over spiritualize things. It is not that serious. The simple things often confounds those who would be wise. God works in simplicity and what we think is foolishness. Ministry is simply helping to encourage someone in the faith. It is as simple as that and the fruit being produced through artistic ministries is in line with scripture.

        Are people encouraged? Yes.

        Are they lifting up the name of Jesus and portraying biblical truths? Yes.

        Is the purpose to glorify the Lord? Yes.

        Then those of us who use our talents to praise the Lord are not wrong because we passed the test. Our hearts are right and our motives are pure. In everything that we do, scripture teaches us to do it to the glory of God (1Cor 10:31). We are going to keep miming and dancing because we are obeying is Word and we will let God be true and every man a liar.

        Now, regarding the gospel of Jesus; Praising God by dancing, miming, playing instruments, or doing whatever it is that God has given us a talent to do is not “changing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Nor is it changing His Word. Ministry is simply service to others. What helped you, may not help someone else. How God opened your eyes is not How God opens someone else’s. This is the beauty of a personal relationship and experience with the Lord. Just because you don’t understand it does not make you the authority on why it should not be done.

        Regarding taking from the world and using it in church…God created everything in heaven and in earth for his glory (Col. 1:16). The devil created nothing. He just seals and destroys (John 10:10). He tries to steal what God created and called good (Gen. 1:32) to make it evil. As Christians it seems like some of us have fallen for the devil’s lie. I really do pray that God will open your eyes to understand the truth of His Word.


      • Also, not a knock, but a push to encourage you to go deeper. Study the root of the word “mime” or “mimic.”. For instance, Greek 3402 and 3401…from Strongs Concordance.

        G3402 – Strong’s – mimētēs – Imitator or follower. (you will see the root…or a root, which is “mime” and it falls under imitator or follower). This can be looked upon many ways…as a follower of Christ used in ministry to reach or even as stated for this site, praise in motion.

        From G3401; an imitator: – follower.

        G3401 – Strong’s – mimeomai – Middle voice from μῖμος mimos (a “mimic”); to imitate: – follow.

        Agree with PDCM, your heart….your intentions…truly God does know.

        Praise in Motion is an expression…

        Just something to consider and study more on…the roots, meaning behind the names or words, etc. I hope you have peace about all.

      • Amber, I don’t think that the mime ministries or gospel rap artist are going to hell if they are miming or rapping the gospel (good news). Miming is an excellent way to minister to those who are deaf and mute…what is your take on that? They too need to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ, right or are they exempt? I believe if God can be all things to all people, then we can too! It’s all about application. If we use our gifts to glorify God then I don’t see what the issue here really is.

      • Thanks for posting. Sorry if I gave you the impression that I was sending folks to hell. I am not. I believe (my opinion) that there is nothing wrong with mime (I do it) or rap (however with rap, we have to make sure we don’t look like the world –pants hanging off the bottom, music louder than the message, taking hooks and beats from popular songs, pants so tight you can see every imprint of someone’s shape- this is when it becomes wrong).
        I said it in the post and I will say it again, not all of it is wrong. Again, I am not saying it is wrong. However there are some things we do in mime that we have no idea what we are doing it for (that is when it becomes wrong). For example (this has been an issue and it freaks some people out and the way faces are painted with different colors it does look a little scary), I believe makeup is fine, but it should be explained why one chooses to wear black or white makeup. We wear white makeup so that our facial expressions can show better as well as white gloves. Scripture teaches us to the pure all things are pure. If anyone sees this to be evil, then they need to do a purity check. We are simply expressing through our bodies what the words mean, but in a more powerful way. I am studying how far we can go in adopting certain things from the world or if we should even adapt them at all (this applies to everything we do, not only dance and mime).
        Remember this is just a blog. Nothing is set in stone as it relates to opinion or personal convictions. I am being convicted right now about certain things. Again I never said it was wrong.
        As it relates to those deaf and mute, yes they do have the right to receive the gospel. However sign language is the best way (this is how they receive or “hear” the Word). Miming is not really sign language and if one can’t hear the song, the expressions will mean nothing. In 1Cor. 9:22 when Paul said “I am made all things to all things to all men that I might by all means save some,” he was not talking about conforming to the world, but in every situation he accommodated himself with holy standards without compromising it. He understood how to be in the world, but not of the world. We should do the same. It does not mean that we have the liberty to do any and everything the world does just to save some one. God does not need to stoop that low. Preaching is what is used to save the lost. The bible teaches us no other way, this is the only way (Rom. 10:14-15); not dance, singing, or miming. Can someone be comforted, encouraged, uplifted, and strengthened in the faith by those ministries? Yes! Can an unbeliever feel the need to know the God we sing and dance about under our ministry? Yes! But they still need to hear (not see) the gospel. Faith only comes by hearing the Word of God (Rom. 10:17).

        Again not saying it is all wrong.
        I hope this helped clear some things up, and I will clarify some things in the post so that others won’t get discouraged or get the wrong impression.


      • kadri79@yahoo.com

        Amazing how people limit God I am bless by the ministry of mime aboUt to start my own troupe when I get back to Jamaica. WI I jus got me K&K mime DVD to loving it God bless you guys. Keep up the work.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel

      • I’m sorry, my message was in response to PDCM not Amber…sorry Amber!

      • Amber it sounds that you come from a very RELIGIOUS background. I pray that God reveals himself to you so that you can take him out of the box that you have placed him in! When that happens then you will see how God can move outside of your limitations.

      • Rev. Marvin Houston

        I had a preacher to tell me mime is what keeping our youth in church,I have seen youth get up and do praise dancing and mime in the church and when the word of God is being preach and taught they are in the back of the church on their phone texting there friend, we need to be teaching our youth what the word of God say about bring the world in the church. 1John 2:15 say, Love not the world, neither the thing that are in the world, If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. The question was ask what wrong with our youth sing in the choir,working on the usher board, helping in the Finance department, or teaching a youth Sunday school. And one young man who do mime said that not fun, I simple told him I didn’t know we come to church to have fun,but to worship God in Spirit and Truth. We got to get our youth back into the word of God, because if the word don’t keep them no mime dance will

    • Well said mimer. Jesus said a house divided can not stand. Satan is not going to sing Jesus loves me, satan is not going to praise dance to Thr Curse is broken, and will not mime to the song Yes. The word of God also speak about blasphemy. Be careful of saying God is not in what we do for Him. Just like the Holy Spirit use Israel Houghton to sing Pastor TD Jake ti preach, Christ use us to dance. God created everything.

      • I think it needs to be called prophetic movements, because what it actually is taking the words of a song and dancing it prophetically through expressive movements. I believe the movements are just as affective without the make-up. I dont like the make-up, but love the expressive movements. i believe the movements bring life to the song and speaks prophetically.

      • Rev. Marvin Houston

        Now if mime is a message to the deaf and mute mime dance need to do it with out music because they can’t here the music anyway, how do you think they would look doing it without music

  7. I would like to help train the younger children in the mime ministry and worship.
    I want them to know and understand just what it is and why. I see a lot of mime teams and praise dancers, but I feel that your overall appearance is just as important as your facial makeup, and your expressions, and movements. I have seen some, their attire was not appropriate, to revealing, to tight, taking away from the message to be given. What do you suggest is appropriate attire for (especially) the women that desire to do this.

    • Exactly Ida. You hit the nail right on the head. There should be a dress code (or an incorporated uniform). Tight and revealing garments (jeans, liturgical dresses, tops and etc.) should be prohibited because it does not present Christ in the best possible light. If dresses are worn an ephod should be worn over it to conceal the chest and palazo pants and leotards should be worn (no bare skin should be shone or the shape of their legs when the dancer twirls. Palazo pants prevents this and the leotard prevents the skin to be shown because some palazo pants are thin and almost transparent. If jeans are worn they should not be tight and their shirt should be long and loose enough to cover their behinds and stomachs (especially when they raise their arms and bend over. I see that a lot). Some dance teams allow this in fear that they may loose members because they don’t look cool or simply because they are unlearned. Many dress themselves in tight clothing anyway outside of church so they don’t see that it is a problem or that it is distracting. There is such a desire to fit in with fads and trends (skinny jeans and etc.)not realizing that we are not supposed to be conformed to this world. The truth of the matter is that if more of the Word is put in to the team members about how they are supposed to adorn themselves inside and out they would immediately recognize and have a conviction about how they are physically presenting themselves. They will know by conviction of the Holy Ghost (if they have it…they are supposed to) that cleavage and the imprint of their front and backside should not be shown. If their mind is adjusted everything else will be also. I hope helps.

      Be Blessed

  8. This has been very helpful to me, and I will pass this information along to others.

  9. Alyssa Rodriquez

    I have been learning alot about what the CHURCH has claimed for God. Sunday worship is not the sabbath Yahweh talks about. The sabbath is on Saturday. Halloween has evil roots. Christmas is pagan. Thanksgiving is a fraud. Easter is pagan. If you do your research you would find out that all of these things the church celebrates including the mime has no Christian roots. It’s a scary thought. I love mime dance and even learning about the history of mime does not turn my heart against it. My question is: With all this in mind, What is a Christian to do????

    • I understand where you are coming from. Christians who mime simply look at it more like an art form (like dance)and nothing else and they use the art form to glorify the Lord. If the heart is pure and it is unto the Lord I believe that God accepts it as a praise(just my opinion). What mimers do, like paint their faces white is not really necessary, but if they do, it does not make them evil. There could be a logical reason why they do it which has nothing to do with what was done long ago for evil. Holidays like Christmas and thanksgiving…although it was originally pagan we can be wise and teach our children that we celebrate Christ’s birthday everyday, we don’t need a holiday to do it. In my house hold we use these national holidays as family gatherings. We hardly see each other during the year and since we have the 3 day weekend at our disposal we take advantage of it and spend it with each other. This is an example of how we are in the world, but not of it. We don’t have to do what they do. It’s the same with thanksgiving. When we get together we are not thinking about Pilgrims. We are thinking about the Lord and thanking Him for what He has done and how we have been blessed with another moment to celebrate Him, our family, love, protection and etc. I believe it is all in wisdom and understanding and I have learned not to get caught up in what was done long ago. It is good to know, but we can turn it around and not conform like the examples I gave above. The most important thing is to teach our children the truth and give them the reason as Christians why we do what we do. I hope I answered your question. Have a wonderful day and God bless.

  10. Thank you for the info this site has been a huge help to me and the ministry that GOD has placed me in thanks to you allowing GOD to use you.

    • Jesus Follower

      thank you all for the encouragement to Mime ministries. I’ve seen some sho’nuff anointed mime ministries. Two groups to be exact. I have no doubt in my mind that this gift comes from God. There is a scripture that says “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty”. Although some may see Mime as foolish, God could very well use the mime to bring someone to Christ. I’ve seen it happen.

      • Your welcome. You are absolutely right. That is what ministry is all about, directing them to Jesus.

        Be blessed.

  11. I have been a mime instructor for Christian youth for close to 30yrs. I have been through it all in church, whether it was because people did not understand what mime was, to the fact that the faces were painted, or there would at times be representations of evil in a skit. What ever the reason there is always someone who will say that God does not approve of this. I have a 15 member troup that does classical mime in Spanish and English. We have traveled to get professional training and have trained others. My life expereiences in this ministry has helped me to learn the following. God uses this ministry to send a message of salvation, restoration, healing, and hope. We do not focus in the church only. Church people are most critical, but the world sees it and is moved to listen about the sacrifice that Christ did for them in the cross. Lives are saved and that my brothers is what we are here for. Although this ministry is afiliated to our local church, we leave the confinement of the building and go out in the street, or other organizations that request us, and minister to the lost. We give God the best, in prayer, preparedness in the spirit, having retreats and lock-ins that focus in our relationship with God, and among ourselves. We need to be a unit that is undevided. So when we stand to do our presentations, people see and feel that we love each other, and depend on each other and above all the Lord. For this reason, we have been invited by Chambers of Commerce, public schools, theaters, festivals in the community, and also to other churches, women’s, youth men’s retreats, and even non for profit organizations like hospice. Just to say a few. I thank you for giving us this space to speak and to know we are not alone in our calling to do what God has asked us to to: TO PREACH THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, TILL HE RETURNS, AMEN

  12. Can someone tell me exactly what the white face paint, white gloves, and black clothes that mimes wear represent. I was told that the black clothes represent the darkness that God has brought us out of. And the white face paint and the white gloves represent the cleansing of God. I’m not sure if this is correct. Can someone please tell me their take on this. Thank you.

  13. For upcoming mimers what advice do you give to them and where would i find the paint?

  14. you know we alway have critics condeming evrything we do to reach people but never condem the sin that’s in themselves or the church.People always talking about what’s not biblical or what is not of GOD.Fornication is biblical but they still do it. pantomime that’s did decent and in order is not a sin to GOD.So what if they use it for evil back then?So where some of the People who say they are a Phrophet and false.we say nothing about that how many preachers on t.v. be on the news why? because they are A FALSE WITNESS.So did people in the word of GOD tried to use the HolyGhost as sorcery looks familiar?so what if homosexual hide themselves.But guess what?they was’nt in the church hidden like these under covered ones that GOD exposed they were on the outside oh wow but the pastors allows them to come in the church and commit abomination the demon in them pretending to be a woman,they are in the choir directing.sleeping with men oh but we hush hush abou that now that is biblical but why are they still that way somebody condemn me two days ago about this pantomime,but they like gospel rap.Gospel rap is not biblical,like I TOLD the person every amonition the devil got GOD has it GOD know what the unsaved can relate to but it is for GOD not you people that sit at home and get on the internet like vultures ready to condem the people of GOD for the gift he gave us.If this was not or GOD the devil wouldn’t be using you to tear us down.Teenagers coming up pregnant all in the church,sometimes by the pastor,deacons,but we have nothing to say about that one thing I know GOD uses me greatly and The Holy Ghost takes over what people needs to do is be quiet stop slandering the ministry of GOD.I don’t wear the white paint yet I don’t condem them either because I mind my own buisness and let GOD be GOD in thier lives dealinf with them in his way.who are you to pick someone apart because of what you think please you’re not GOD.Somepeople have children for evil so the can get foodstamps and welfare you are not talking about that,we all have issues that we need to deal with instead of worrying about a work that’s not sinning but worry about yourself get yourself right GOD said he will take the foolish things to confuse the wise.like I told the person I go to church with I am so glad gift come without repentance that I don’t have to repent and feel ashamed of the gift GOD gave me I admit some of it is to much and revealing of the cloathes and kicking and stuff but LIKE I said the one that does it in decent and in order who cover themselves modestly that’s when the Pastor should put them in order.I love to honor GOD in pantomime

  15. Is there a right or wrong way to mime? I just started and was told mimes shouldnt “mouth” words…..

  16. This has help me a great deal I just started and I love it I don’t paint my face but I see nothing wrong with it. I feel like people have really just went crazy.God is not a God of mess.MIMERS I SAY THIS TO YOU WHATEVER YOU DO FOR CHRIST DO IT WELL.WHEN SOMEONE GETS SAVED BEHIND YOUR GIFT YOU GET A CROWN DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY.HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE THEY DRAWED TO CHRIST?WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT JESUS LIVES?I LOVE YOU ALL WITH THE LOVE OF GOD.

  17. I have been practising for a bit now and been praying evrytime I turn around, and I know that without a doubt GOD wans me in this type of ministry, I have preached, and teached, and played Guitat, and bass…. I praise GOD for it all the time for it is only by HIM and noy by me in any way. I am looking to start a begining mimeTroupe, but not sure where to find like minded people. so there is where I need help. Please pray for this. Praise his holy name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi what i really want to find is designs for pantomine priest uniforms or something close for male mimes

    • Try to Google praise dance or mime attire. You can even design them yourself and have someone make them for you. Most ministries make their own uniforms.


  19. Can someone help me to understand how Ezekiel 3-5 supports praise dancing or miming? God clearly was in a dialog with Ezekiel and always commanded him (Ezekiel) to “Speak” to the people not dance. Help me to understand the significance of this “ministry” and its biblical application. Miming has always been a form of “entertainment” from a worldly view and likewise in the church, in my opinion.
    As i read most of the messages above, everyone has an opinion without any support from the Word of God. Why is the Word of God so important? I suggest you read John 1:1-14. Anyways, nobody likes standards in the church so of course when concerns are brought up people will resist. We, as Christians, must remember that we have a intelligent enemy who has a counterfeit form of worship. Lets not forget, this whole thing started because of worship and it will ultimately end because of worship. I pray that God will soften your hearts and that you will see that this was sent out of love NOT judgment or condemnation.
    The world is dying to know about the Love of God…we really need more missionaries not flexible young boys and girls. Teach and train the youth how to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their family, friends and neighbors. I personally think we are focused on a ministry that is not focused on God.
    “20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
    21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”- Matt 7: 20-23

    I pray that this message wasnt in vain.
    Love you All and GOd bless 🙂

    • Hello, thank you for your contribution. PDCM did not write this particular post, just sharing information. What I think the writer was saying, in ch. 4-5 Ezekiel did quite a few demonstrations and it is possible that God can use people and demonstrations for ministry. You just gave me something else to study and dig deep into. God bless you.


  20. If you are not convicted by the Holy Spirit then it’s all good for me. Just make sure you have the Holy Ghost that dwells on the inside. If your leader is a God fearing individual and you know for a fact that he hears from God! Then I feel I am covered. Whatever you do, do unto the Lord. God said upon this rock IO will built my church and the gates of hell shall not pervail against it. So let him be the judge.

  21. please my fellow christians, it was my friend who introduced me to this group and has really helped me. to understand God more and how h can use different people to preach his word. i am the shy type but because of this ministry am doing better for the kingdom business. i wih all those who can not stand out and preach to the world can use this opportunity to preach the gospel…..

  22. I watched one of the mime presentations on YouTube using only the hands with light off . How do you call that kind of mine? What kind of gloves do they use , it’s so luminous? Where so we get those? Is there any technique? Please share to us so that we can use it for our children’s ministry in our church. Thank you so much and God Bless!!

  23. I read a few of the comments(not all) and just wish to say that no matter the history behind the art, the bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. So by your readings and research you may find all kinds of information that may be true/partially true or false, you weren’t there and these books were written by people who weren’t there since the beginning. Mime and other arts may have very well been implemented by God’s people during the era of David who we knew danced or even before, we just don’t know. What I do know is many lives have changed, been enriched, encouraged and many souls have been saved via mime and it should not be discredited.
    Light, basketball, cars, fettucine were not invented by “christians ” as we know it, yet we enjoy them and use them for ministry purposes as well. Don’t discredit the avenue used to bring persons to Christ. He uses a muliplicity of things to reach the lost. Every miracle we read about was different because He is very creative. Like Paul said “I have become all things so that I may reach some”. God is the creator of everything and if you believe that then this argument is completely senseless.

  24. want to know where can I get make up paint that won’t smear

    • Hi. I am going to direct you over to freshlymimed.wordpress. I am more of a dancer than anything. I only provided that info to help others in that ministry. I don’t know a lot about the makeup and etc. I hope this blogger can help answer all of your questions.

      Be blessed.

  25. My church is interested in devekping our mime team for young men. Where can I go for information.

    • Hello, please contact freshlymimed.wordpress. I am more of dancer, I really don’t have a lot of info about mime ministry – only the basics from what I have experienced. I hope this blogger will be able to answer all of your questions.

  26. Wondering where to find the movements for certain words

  27. God created everything and everything He made was good! This is biblical. We let satan and our carnal thoughts turn something what God created into how we feel about things.

    Remember it’s not about us but giving God the glory in all you do!

    “LET EVERYTHING THAT HATH BREATH PRAISE THE LORD”. Hence, the word “everything”.

  28. @Carmen, well said! What’s the name of your Mime Troupe? I would love to check you all out.

  29. This website was very helpful thanks.

  30. Help me to to understand.. I’ve read comments talking about mime being of the world, not of God, not in the Bible, not a form of worship.. under what basis? Just a question. I’ve questioned & looked up its origin, but I don’t see how you can criticize anything or anybody whose heart is praising/worshipping – regardless of it’s form. Dance is a form of praise – biblically stated. How do you knock someone’s praise? If you don’t like it, don’t participate. It seems that we are more concerned with what is holy or not, than being accountable of our own sins, walking in obedience to the Word of God with our own lives, & bringing others to the saving knowledge and LOVE of Jesus Christ. Just like many other things that are in the world, there are motives & meanings behind them. I remember when rap was frowned upon deeply in church(some still frown) – how it wasn’t of God. But that is what got me.. that’s all that I listened to. I hated “church” music, didn’t want to go to church, talk about God – anything.. but someone bought me a gospel rap cd & didn’t tell me what it was. Of course the music got me, but as I listened longer, I heard the message & got it! The sermons in church became familiar, I saw myself – and saw that I NEEDED God. I believe that God can turn around what started as bad & not only make it good, but use it for His Glory. We can get so deep in a thing, meaning well, & miss God. I understand origins, but the difference comes in it’s meaning & motive. You don’t have to wear black while dancing, but even still – I’m sure the dancer isn’t representing darkness. The painted face/white gloves – to brighten expression. Entertainment? If you receive it as such.. I believe it’s a personal thing. If you spectate worship, then you become entertained instead of participate to become a worshipper. Worship is definitely a LIFESTYLE. In all things, go with God. Whatever He leads you/us to do- obey. It’s time out for so much negativity in the church(body) of Christ. Can we still love without such criticism? I know that I’ve been blessed & witnessed the move of God SEVERAL times with such dances. Not all.. but that goes with everything else. To each his own & to God be the Glory.

    • Hello Ms. V, I really don’t know who you are addressing this comment to, but I would like to answer you. Yes there are a lot of comments on this blog that disagree with mime because of some of the history associated with it and how it is presented. I do not hold the same views. As I said in one of my comments, “Unfortunately some believe mime has evil roots…” and I have given some of the history about mime that some believe. From the tone of your comment, I see that you are upset or disappointed (is a better word) about what some believe. People are going to criticize anything good or evil. Like I said in the post, mime is not wrong. It is a form of expression through movement just like dance is. However there are some concerns that were voiced about makeup (some just look down right scary), garments (too tight, spandex tights with booty shorts on top attached with suspenders on top of a tight fitting shirt) and the look of the art presented to the saints which is understandable. This is why I put in the post some is not right according to scripture or how the scriptures teach we should represent Christ and I am in the process of studying as we all should be about certain things (that I see in ministry and will soon share). I agree with everything you have expressed. In re-examining ministry (not just mime, but dance as well. There are a LOT of misconceptions, teachings and beliefs about dance ministry that are not according to scripture) we have to know what we are doing and why. That is why I said in the post, “In addition we have to teach what distinguishes us from how the world does it and why they do it. I believe this will clear up a lot of confusion and rejection some people in the body of Christ has against dance, mime, and other expressive art forms.”

      Be Blessed

  31. WOW alot of information and opininion. Quite interesting. I got enough information to confirm some of my thoughts and ideas about mime. I love the expression, I just dislike the make-up, and dont believe what we do, can be or should be compared to what the world call mime. I see what we do as the body of Christ, as prophetic expression of the word of God. Be Blessed

  32. I guess it is a matter of different strokes for different folks. The idea of the make-up is to act as an amplifying mechanism. I have seen it done well both ways (with or without make-up). I think it is best to keep your options open. Mime can be expanded to a lot more than just French classical mime, which you may be referring to. One of the most famous mime artists, who really popularized it was Marcel Marceau. His philosphy in his performances reflected that Frence existential downer endings of the protagonist dead or defeated (mask that cannot be removed or jumping off a pier because he can’t remove a hat). Mime can be what you want it to be, same as other art forms, good and bad examples abound, it is what you do with it that counts. I think of mime as ‘show don’t tell’ – story without dialogue.

  33. This is a great article….I would strongly recommend along with this article that you all read a revelatory book called, Message to the Levites…It will take you into a unbelievable journey of the history of Mime…You will be shocked!!! Nooo, because of its “origin” we should NOT use it in ministry….it’s “strange fire” in worship to God. I don’t say this to beat people over the head with this…but only to give people understanding of what God wants from us in worship to him……

  34. Rev. Marvin Houston

    I hope all you mime and praise dancer are not like Most young people that I see doing mime and praise dancing, just as some as they get done with there dance they go in the back of the church and get on there cell phone and start texting there friend when the word of God is being taught and preach. Praise and mime dancer where do you sit and what are you doing after your dance

    • Amen, Rev. Houston! That’s is exactly what the young people are doing! They dance and sing all day long, but as soon as the the WORD OF God is getting ready to be taught/preached, they get off leave the sanctuary, hang out in the hallways; texting, but they appear to have no interest in the hearing of God’s Word! something is wrong with that! St John 1:1 “In the beginning was the WORD, the WORD was with God and THE WORD WAS GOD!” — When we show little or no interest in the hearing of God’s WORD, (my opinion) we are rejecting HIM!

      • All of the above comments were interesting. I am doing a mime ministry in a German city at a Christian club. We do street theatre and act out various stories and parables to lead young people to Christ.

        One comment I would like to add is that mime or pantomime is not all about the white face, which seems to be the focus of some of the comments. There is French classical mime which uses that a lot and has a tendency to be ‘existential’ in their messages, but the white face is supposed to be an amplification of facial expressions.

        I would define it as telling a story without words. I was reading through the OT and there were lots of examples of God telling his prophets to act out through object lessons and without talking (during the performance) especially in Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

        My 2 cents are that mime can be whatever you want it to be. If we stopped using everything the devil uses or has used we wouldn’t be using much. If you are having problems catching the interest of your young people, it could be time to re evaluate your delivery or getting them involved (ownership) instead of blaming it on mime or dance.

        I liked the idea of doing the street outreach and talking to people as part of the program.

        I don’t think we can judge the success of any one method by the altar call. One sows and another waters, but it is God that gives the increase. Find out what works and bears the most fruit. Keep going for God in whatever you do – “quench not the Spirit”  1Th.5:19 elixirmime.com

      • Elixirmime,

        Thank you for your comment. It provides excellent balance, wisdom and understanding to help readers understand mime and dance from a different perspective. I love that you said “mime is what you want it to be.” I also agree with your statement: “If we stopped using everything the devil uses or has used we wouldn’t be using much.” So true! To piggy back on what you stated, I would like to also point out that God is the only one who can create and He has created all things for Himself. The devil (using man) can only imitate and pervert the arts as well as knowledge and other gifts and abilities that God gives. It comes down to this: love, rightly dividing the Word of truth and proper teaching on using arts as a tool for ministry meshed with our spiritual gifts. This is what the teachings of PDCM is all about. Thank you again for your comment.


  35. Does anyone come to the altar after these “performances?” I have NEVER seen anyone get saved after a mime dance…

    • It depends on how the ministry operates. Most dance ministries are much like the choir in that they minister and then the preacher/minister gives the message and at the end of the service there is an alter call. If a dance/mime ministry is ministering in an outreach event, after they minister in dance/mime someone exalts and the Gospel is presented with an invitation for whosoever will to come to Christ.

      God Bless,

  36. I’m the Youth Department Director at my church and earlier this year I took over the youth praise dance & praise team ministry. Our praise dance ministry is ever growing, however what I began to notice is that most of the children were more focused on ‘performing’ that ‘praising’, and that’s when I decided to shut it down and revamp. After praying and asking God for direction, He gave the instruction to refocus the entire ministry on Him and the things of Him. It would seem that we would all be doing that anyway considering it is all done in His name, but it’s not necessarily the case. What God gave me to do is to teach and prepare them for praise and worship, not just dance. So, instead of holding rehearsals every week, the 1st Saturday of every month we have classes regarding praise dance (the history & purpose, and all that goes along with it). On 2nd Saturdays, we go soul winning, not just passing out fliers, but actually speaking to people with the intent of leading them to Christ. My goal is for them to realize that their gift and ministry should go beyond the four walls of our church. As for the rest of the month, only those who have participated during the 1st & 2nd Saturdays can praise dance rehearse on the 3rd-5th Saturdays.

    Now regarding miming, I have been very reluctant about allowing them to minister in that way because it never felt completely right to me spiritually. When someTHING (not someONE) has an evil beginning, how can we change it to good? To say that we can take the original meaning of mime and change it to praise (TO ME) is the equivalent of saying that it’s possible to take away the basis of hate that has fueled the “N” word for over a century to mean something endearing simply because we say so. Since miming was created as a way for people to feel comfortable in their (abominable) sin, why add it to your praise instead of simply serving God the way that was commanded in Psalm 150?

  37. James Hightower Jr.

    My Thoughts are quite simple. ANTTHING that has EVIL ORIGINS Should NOT be in the en vironment where WE Lift Up & Praise The Most High GOD. YOU CAN’T Polish up Evil & Offer it to Him as Worship it Disrespectful. Anything Remotely dark in Origin Should NOT Be Allowed.

  38. We will ALL find out when God complete His final judgement on this world did miming honored Him. Miming have an evil origin (from Satan) and we think God will accept it because someone does it with a “pure” heart? I don’t think so. What’s next, strippers for Jesus? Don’t be deceived. God remembers origins and so does Satan, even if we feel like origin is not important. Many “churches” are now 501c3 fun centers and preforming arts organizations, to entertain the congregations, causing many to sleep spiritually. Spiritual discernment is needed in order to stand against the attacks of Satan.

  39. I have read most of the post and stopped because it seems that there is a desire to justify praise dance. I am not judging anyone. I do not believe that “praise dance” should be in the church. The Lord did not appoint any dancers as part of worship when he set up the church in the wilderness. In fact, women and children were not allowed to be part of the priestly ministry. The church of the New Testament had no women leaders, but , they had a part in helping Jesus and his people ( Dorcas, Lois, Percilla). Those women who made Israel’s life more difficult were : Jezebel , she killed most of the prophets during the time of Elijah.Then there was Salome who danced and asked for the head of John the Baptist. These women also wore makeup. Go to the beginning of Genesis and look for the two women that Lamech married,Adah and Zillah. the earth was still in its infancy and this man was the first person to have more than one wife. If you study what their names mean, they wore makeup, are not godly women, and had nothing to do with the lineage of the savior. This is not a battle of wits, just my opinion based on God’s word. As Christians men, women , and children, we should prepare to meet our God. Then the fruit of the Spirit will be in our lives and actions. Maranatha

    • Peace and blessings Donna Elysee,

      I perceive that you have many concerns. I am trying to follow you, but you have jumped from your dislike of praise dance, to women in leadership, to the meaning of names and then to how women adorn themselves (makeup).

      First – It is ok that you don’t believe that praise dance should be done in the church. You are entitled to your opinion.

      You said, “The Lord did not appoint any dancers as part of worship when he set up the church in the wilderness. In fact, women and children were not allowed to be part of the priestly ministry.”

      The church in the wilderness is the children of Israel. We are not them. Let’s keep that understanding. To sum up all things worship, God did have a pattern for worship in the wilderness and as time moved on He also gave King David a command regarding music/dance in worship/praise unto God.

      “And he stationed the Levites in the house of the LORD with cymbals, with stringed instruments, and with harps, according to the commandment of David, of Gad the king’s seer, and of Nathan the prophet; for thus was the commandment of the LORD by his prophets.” (2Chron. 29:25)

      Also note that dancing is encouraged as an expression of praise to God.

      “Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.” (Ps. 150:4)

      If you want to omit the entire book of Psalms which is loaded with instruction of how to praise God, then that is your choice.

      Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! (Ps. 150:6)

      Second – As we survey the scriptures we find that the Lord gave his people a divine pattern for worship. Although God has made changes to outward forms and ceremonies, he has never left us without a pattern. As the plan of redemption was fulfilled through Jesus Christ, as the New Testament church, Christ gave us a pattern also. We are now the Holy Priesthood and Christ is our High Priest. He fulfilled every type even pertaining to worship and the Levitical Priesthood (Heb. Ch. 7 & 9). We are now the Holy Priesthood individually without respect to gender and we are commanded to offer up spiritual sacrifices (1Peter 2:5). We are all now a part of the priestly ministry. We must not fall into error confusing the 2 different priesthoods. The first led up to Jesus Christ – the all sufficient sacrifice who was offered once and for all (Heb. 10:10).

      Third – You said, “The church of the New Testament had no women leaders, but , they had a part in helping Jesus and his people ( Dorcas, Lois, Percilla).”

      This has nothing to do with expressing praise to God through dance and encouraging His people. This blog has nothing to do with “women leaders.”

      Fourth – You said, “These women also wore makeup; If you study what their names mean, they wore makeup, are not godly women, and had nothing to do with the lineage of the savior.”

      I really don’t know where you are going with all of this. I hope you get the understanding you seek. Please seek the Lord and the truth according to Him and not your personal opinion and understanding. I will do the same.

      There is no sin in dancing unto the Lord. He ascribed it – It reflects joy, worship and celebration. We are commanded to praise the Lord, not ourselves or each other in the dance (Ps. 149:3). We are also commanded to sing to one another and encourage one another in the Lord (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16). There are many ways to do this that are pure: singing, telling a story through a play, a dance, a poem, a picture or a FB post. We have so many ways to encourage one another in the Word of the Lord.

      Also I think it will help to remember that we are the church – the church is not the building or what we do in it (get the temple and the Levitical priesthood and the wilderness out of your mind. That is not our pattern). The church is the people; All of us who trust in Christ for salvation (John 3:16; 1Cor. 6:19-20). When we gather together we have what we call “church”. This means we gather to do what 1Cor. 12 teaches us to do: encouraging, teaching, and building one another up in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and equipping ourselves to go into all the world and the world around us to preach the gospel to the lost so they might come to know the Lord (Mark 16:15).

      It’s about souls and comforting each other until He comes (1Thess. 4:18). Let’s not argue and fight over opinion and personal preference. We have work to do. Dance Ministry is all about God’s people and the salvation of the lost.

      Be blessed,

  40. None of this miming and dancing teaches me the scripture. I read the Word of God and want to hear it elucidated upon by the pastor. I don’t need playacting or dancing, because that distracts from the Word for me. I want to be focused on the Word and only the Word. Solo scriptorum.

  41. amen sonia kong. i agree with u, im also a worship /prophetic dancer

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