Mime Ministry Tips

Mime Ministry Tips From PDCM 

Tip 1. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Tip 2. Worship! This is an important aspect of mime as it is in any aspect of the Christian life style. When we worship God and meditate on his message and purpose for the transformation of our souls and encouragement in the faith, choreography itself become clearer as we receive instructions directly from God as to how we should approach a particular movement.

Tip 3. Worship is more important than technique. When we worship, God can teach us all of the technique that we need to know, he can teach us through one day’s worship experience what it may take students years to learn at a Ministry training school or University. Technique however is important because the combination of it with the truth that is in us can relay a powerful message.

Tip 4. Beginners in mime ministry should learn to use actions outside of their regular zone of comfort (our regular expressions).

Tip 5. To be a good mime minister, you must learn to surpass limited movement and exaggerate your actions to communicate effectively the same way a singer or actor projects their voice to the audience at the back of the auditorium.

Tip 6. Get it together! Get your mime ministry together and work as a team. Remember that there are no BIG I’s and little u’s. We all make up a team for one purpose and that is to edify the people of God by glorifying God. If you mime solo get your thoughts together and allow yourself to flow through the Holy Spirit.

Tip 7. God created you uniquely to be you and not like anybody else. As long as you are trying to be like someone else you will never grow into who God made you to be ..the best you will ever be then is number two!

Applying and Removing Mime Makeup



Make sure you shave before you put on your makeup! If you forget you’ll probably only forget once. It’s a nightmare trying to outline your face with stubble in the way.


If you have long hair: Put your hair back! (and always pull your hair up or back while ministering. Hair flying all over the place is a distraction to you and to those to whom you are ministering to).

Makeup Tip

Go slowly. It’s hard to fix mistakes afterwards. Leave yourself (more than) enough time to put on your face. Even after you have put on your face many times you will still want to leave yourself about 30 minutes.

Putting on Your Makeup

  1. White base

You can get cake (water based) vs. Clown white (grease based) makeup. Cake may appear streakier than grease makeup. Some cake makeups (Ben Nye or Mehron) are simply pressed powder while others (Kryolan) are glycerin based. Clown white (Kryolan, Mehron) provides a heavy grease base and has talc powder that makes it go on thick. You can also get waterproof clown white (Kryolan). Applying skin moisturizer (not cold cream which is just more grease on your face) before beginning to apply clown white will help the grease makeup to spread easier.

A suggestion is to outline your face (shape) in white and then starting from your nose out to the perimeter. If you choose to have anything than an oval face one suggestion is to put perimeter ‘dots’ on your face and then to ‘connect the dots’ with lines before filling in your face. You can do all of this using your fingers, a pencil (see below) or a brush.

Don’t go too wide with the outline of your face; otherwise it’s very difficult to outline your face with black by yourself. On the other hand you can choose to not have an outline and fill your whole face and have the makeup go right up to your hair.

It is much easier to put the markings over cake makeup than (un powdered) grease makeup. Powdering grease makeup is recommended before putting on black, red or any other markings.

When applying the white base around your mouth it is better to accidentally get some white on your lips than to not go all the way up to your lips. You can always wipe it off.

  1. Powder

Once again, not all mimes powder and for those who do there may be times when they decide to not powder.

For the white it is best to use a super white powder (Ben Nye). A cheaper but not as good alternative is (Johnson’s) baby powder.

Shake off any excess powder after putting powder on a puff or brush and before touching your face. You can do this by flicking the back of the puff or the end of the brush with your finger(s). If you put too much powder on your makeup will crack.

Powder your face lightly. If you’re wearing grease based makeup you will know that you have powdered enough when your face doesn’t feel ‘sticky’.

  1. Markings (Black and Red)

For the black you can use either a paint, pencil or liquid eyeliner. Paints (Kryolan, Mehron) are simply applied with a paint brush. You can get thin or thick grease pencils (Mehron). If you are trying to keep the grease makeup away from your eyes you can use a charcoal pencil (Mehron) for right around your eyes. Charcoal pencils are not recommended for use elsewhere on your face – grease pencils are best. There are also cream based pencils (Ben Nye). Liquid eyeliner (Kryolan, Mehron) is easier to apply over a white grease base than a pencil but it can also run. Pencils tend not to run. Most in mime ministry don’t use eye or lip makeup.

Removing Makeup

  1. For cake (water based makeup) soap and water will work just fine.
  1. For clown white (grease based makeup) you can simply use Pond’s Cold Cream. You can also purchase makeup remover lotion that is mineral based (Mehron). This type is good for removing makeup around the eyes. You can also get makeup oil (Kryolan, Mehron) (that looks like Vaseline) As a last resort you can use (Johnson’s) baby oil or Crisco oil.
  1. You can use cotton balls to get makeup off from around the eyes. You can buy cotton squares. Tissues and Q-tips are also good.
  1. After you have removed greased based makeup it is best to have an alcohol based stringent handy (Sea Breeze).

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Jesus is my passion. Empowering is my mission. Teaching is my calling. I love to teach and share what the Lord has given me to empower women all over the world.

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