“I don’t think that Dance is a Ministry”

Since I get this question and concern a lot, I am using this dialog between a commenter and I as the meat of this post. Some people don’t believe or think of dance as a tool for ministry. As Dance Ministers we know by Gods written word and our experiences (a witness of the truth to what is already written) that such a belief is not true.  The original dialog can be found here. The questions that the commenter had are valid and it is something we should all know the answer to. I hope this post helps you further excel abundantly in your calling.

Commenter: Damian

Ok! I took everything you said into consideration and I still don’t think that Dance is a Ministry, If you feel to dance within a church setting that’s your thing.
1. I’m still yet to find out how does it glory God.
2. How does it convict your hearts? How does it minister to you and i’m not talking about the music behind the dance i’m talking about the DANCE?


With all love, if you don’t think dance is a ministry then that is simply your opinion. We like what we like and as humans that is just the way we are. No matter what I say, I probably won’t get you and others who don’t approve, to see it as saints simply giving back to God our natural talent. Singers do it, musicians do it and many others with other talents (mediation, communication etc.)do it and no one has a problem.

You said: I’m still yet to find out how does it glory God.

This is how: Scripture teaches us that whatever we do, do it to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31-33;Col. 3:17). So, are we wrong in doing so? Are we going against scripture? No. Are we going against preference, personal opinion of what should and should not be according to the way things has always been done in church? Yes. This is where the real problem is.

you said: How does it convict your hearts? How does it minister to you and i’m not talking about the music behind the dance i’m talking about the DANCE?

Dance does not have the responsibility to convict anyone’s heart. It is the Word that does it. We are dancing to music (not dancing in just moving our arms and legs aimlessly. Some do and the dance really has no meaning. When they do this, it leaves a bad impression on dance ministry as a whole and it is viewed as nonsense and something done that was not necessary. When this happens, I too often have the same questions you have.) So, when we dance to music, demonstrating what is being said or sung through movement (this is the art of the dance). People are blessed when we as dancers bring out what is said in demonstration. Some come to us and said “I have heard that song many times, but the way you guys brought it out in the dance gave a new meaning. You told a story and it was my story and I was blessed and encouraged.” We are not just dancing for the sake of dancing. We are conveying a message. This is how it ministers, beyond the music. I hope this helps.

Also, I think another problem is that dance in the church has been over spiritualized. It is not complicated. We are just giving glory to God and encouraging the saints. You say, how is one encouraging the saints. I have included some links of dance ministries that have blessed me. It is wonderful to see the saints use their gifts and talents for the Lord.

Lamb of God – Wonderful dance and demonstration of God’s love for us.

This dance also:

Other Ministries and their links

Look at these children and teens use their gift to glorify God! The fact that these kids are learning a discipline (the dance), not on the streets, using their bodies to dance for God is encouragement enough.



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