Pageantry Ministry – Worship and Praise Dance with Flags


Through Flags, Banners, and Movement


The History of Flags and Banners (Standards)


Through out history banners, standards and flags played an important role in military history. Their function is to embody the spirit

of the regiment, to provide a focus of belonging and loyalty amongst the troops. They were (and are still) paraded before the troops

regularly and with great ceremony to ensure that each man can readily recognize and bond with the colors of his regiment and

therefore know whom to follow on the battlefield or where their home base is.



The focus of flags, banners or standards is:




Banners and Flags Used for Worship


In the Christian world, banners are used to depict various aspects of Spiritual life – healing, evangelism, fellowship, children’s ministry, inspirational biblical verses, etc. The list is endless.


In these instances, illustrations depicting the subject are placed upon the backcloth using appliqué, decoupage or embroidery. They can range from simple messages to extravagantly beautiful, almost priceless, works of art.


They can then be hung on the church wall and on special occasions, paraded before the congregation just like the banners of old. Their role in the church is to inspire, remind and educate the people. It is also used essentially to proclaim and confirm Jesus Christ and His redemptive work on the cross reminding the saints that the Lord is our banner and the power is in Him and not the actual physical banner.


Banners are intended to:


  • To raise the name of God


  • Encourage and strengthen the troops (church)


  • Acknowledge and rejoice in victory over sin


  • Praise the Lord


  • Bless and honor the name of God


Flags Used in the Worship Service


There is nothing more beautiful and stirring that to see people using flags during praise and worship service!


When there is an enthusiastic flag user at the forefront of the congregation, it energizes the worshippers and reminds everyone that warfare is a vital part of our Priesthood (Biblical Spiritual Warfare). The movement of the flag(s) creates a joyous sense of presence and beautiful serenity.


How Does One Begin to Praise with Flags (Banners)


  • It begins with a desire to praise the Lord


  • There is no special talent needed to handle flags or banners.


  • Though having some skills in dance and ballet enhances your movement vocabulary, a willingness to use your body for the glory of God definitely is required.


  • Flags in the Worship Service can be done as an individual or group. As an individual, you can minister with several flags and streamers of all sorts while dancing to a song or sometimes no music in praise unto the Father.


  • As a group, you minister as one in Christ even though each person gives their offerings of praise and thanksgiving using these instruments (flags) to the Lord in a choreograph piece or a in spontaneous piece.

About Sonia Kong

Jesus is my passion. Empowering is my mission. Teaching is my calling. I love to teach and share what the Lord has given me to empower women all over the world.

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  1. how do i begin with flag worship

  2. praisedancecentralministries

    Hi Shari! I want to answer your question, but I need more details.

  3. I’m asked to dance with flags in our church but now everytime they are trying to put it be alert it is a spiritual warfare you are entering, I trust in Jesus and that His blood washed us and makes us free, and we conquer the enemies through the words of God,can you explain me…

  4. Mykisha Thomas

    I just began flag dancing for my church this week and it is truly an awesome ministry. Ushering in the spirit and worshipping God through dance is just AMAZING!!

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