Worship Dance/Praise Dance/Arts Ministry Tips

Ministry Tips


Tip 1


Pray! Pray! Pray! Never attempt to choreograph or write a skit or play without first seeking the Lord in prayer. We need to spend quality time with Him so that He could accomplish His plan through us to encourage and edify His people. Seek His face and spend time in His presence. Look to Him to show you if there is anything offensive in His sight, then ask for His mercy and forgiveness and allow His grace and His Word to cleanse you of your sin.



Tip 2


The message expressed in the music should be of great importance when choosing a selection to dance/minister to. It should always be in accordance to the Word of God and never contradicting it. We are admonished to praise and worship Him with our whole hearts, and we should prayerfully choose a song that confirms Christ and His Covenant so that we are able to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.


Tip 3


Spend time in Bible study and on the message expressed in the song (i.e.: if you pick a song that speaks about God’s mercy, sit down with a concordance – search the Scriptures and soak in exactly how merciful God has been to you.


Tip 4


Whenever you do anything in the Lord’s name or unto the Lord, be sure that He is your main focus and He will always bless you by manifesting Himself to you and through you.


About Sonia Kong

Jesus is my passion. Empowering is my mission. Teaching is my calling. I love to teach and share what the Lord has given me to empower women all over the world.

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  1. Jallon-pronounced Ja lawn

    I’m taking over our already existing praise dance ministry and although I was a team member and on the admin side of things; after watching your YouTube videos and listening to your different lessons I now know that with my continued studying if God’s word, mediating, and much prayer I can be an effective leader in this ministry. Thank you for your words of wisdom and inspiration. You ate truly a God chosen vessel, don’t stop letting Him use you.

    • To God be all the glory. So excited for you and the assignment God has already prepared you for and given you. You will be an arrow of righteousness liberating multitudes from the grip if the enemy and a multiplyer of many warriors in God’s Kingdom. God bless you and please keep in touch.


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