Praise Dance Talk!

Becoming Consecration – Introduction

This Month we are focusing on Becoming Consecration. Please be enriched by these teachings about Dance Ministry that will empower you and encourage you to walk faithfully before God and to be consistent and committed to what God has called you to do. Also join us every 4th Monday for Praise Dance Talk!

God has called us to be different and to lift up the standard of His holiness no matter what the present day trends are. Our response and resistance to what the world highly esteems affects the weight, strength and impact of our ministry and personal relationship with the Lord. The knowledge along with obedience  about becoming consecration or the reminder of this truth will remove every sin and weight that is disrupting unity amongst the brethren and hindering us from advancing the Kingdom.

In this teaching you will learn

•What it means to be chosen?
•Our response to being chosen
•Our work as the chosen

Lesson – Becoming Consecration 


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